noonegetsaway: (ready to swing that whip)
2011-01-04 08:36 pm

basic info and preferences

Name: Fonfon
Canon: Lightning Warrior Raidy (h-game)
Canon point: after the second game, before the theoretical third game (although mun has not played any of them yet)

Preferences: Fonfon is a very kinky girl. She prefers girls for sex, and also might consider very pretty boys, but she'll happily whip anyone, male or female, willing or not. She loves having an audience, so she might be willing to whip your naughty slave for you while you watch.

She's also been on the other end of the whip, and might find it erotic with the right person. She's seen just about every kind of kink, and is willing to try just about anything except extreme violence or gore.

(more info to come)