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Birthdate:Mar 28
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I used to hire out my skills as a fighter and whip-master to some big bad demon bosses, but now I'm striking out on my own! Some gorgeous hero kept defeating all my bosses anyway... well, now, I'd work for her any day! Especially if I get to whip her again... I'm sure I can convince her; she really got off on it that one time! Oh Raidy, where are you? I hope I run into her again one of these days - preferably in my dungeon! Well, I'm a demon and she's a hero, so our paths are sure to cross again someday. Preferably in my dungeon, but I wouldn't mind if we weren't enemies anymore. Raidy, oh Raidy, this pretty wolf-girl has a crush on you!!! *smiles*

You can find out more about me here (better not let your boss see this, though! Lightning Warrior Raidy game at G-Collections. I get quite a few mentions at that TV Tropes place, too. I'm not sure what they're talking about sometimes, though; it sounds like they think me and some of the other demon ladies are actually friends with Raidy, but that's certainly never happened - but I hope it does someday! We could have so much more fun together!

Meanwhile I have to find some other way to employ my superb whip-wielding talents, whether that's as a fighter or in a dungeon. I wonder where I should start looking?

Potential Roleplay Journal for the character of Fonfon from the Lightning Warrior Raidy hentai games. No copyright infringement intended, etc. etc.
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